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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Joy Luck Club: The Most "Motherly" of Mother's Day Movies

Now that it's almost Mother's Day, the movie that I could remember that could best exemplify this special day was the movie version of the novel, The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan.

It was shown here when I was still in college and I remember telling my friend when she asked me how I found the movie, I said "Happy Mother's Day!"

Well, the movie was not promoted to celebrate Mother's Day but since the story was about the complicated relationships between four young Chinese-American women and their immigrant mothers, one can't help saying that, especially when you watch the extreme circumstances these women had to experience just getting out of China, and building a new life in San Francisco.

The book was written in 1989 and in the 80s, China was still under strict Communist rule, so the last scene can really show you how exponential the growth of China was, between 1989 and 2016!

Kasi if that scene was filmed now, it would be totally different in terms of swankiness.

Yun lang, if you plan to watch this movie with your Mom, be sure to bring tissue. Marami kasi syang nakakaiyak na scenes.

Remember, it's a story of four mothers and each of their stories is as dramatic as the other.

Even the daughters' stories are dramatic as well, because of the clash of the conservative Chinese culture with its many rules and the more liberal choices America allows you to make in your life.

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