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Thursday, May 5, 2016

JaDine Fans Will Surely Dig this First Time

If you're a JaDine fan or you're just looking for a light movie to escape the killer heat that has hit Metro Manila, the latest offering from this popular love team, offers just the right kilig moments.
The film is G rated, meaning no James Reid abs on display - and the story is pretty simple and uncomplicated. There are no major kontrabidas as the distance and the time spent away from each other have become the token antagonists.
I guess the people behind this love team franchise wanted to get the kids audience into the theater this summer, that's why they made the story simple and not difficult to comprehend, let's say, for a 9-year old JaDine fan.
Well, they were successful as there were kids in the audience I was in and some of the questions they asked were, "Why do dead people need make-up?" (malalaman agad sa first scene) or "Why are they sitting on the floor" (pertaining to a scene in Japan).
No racy stuff. They don't stray too far from the rom-com genre so the token gay character is there, plus the supportive friends - and the wacky family with Freddie Webb and Candy Pangilinan as the standout performers.
There's a bit of homosexuality misunderstanding thrown in towards the end, to give the pair some conflict.
The Japan scenes were beautifully photographed because they filmed in spring and it was immaculately clean everywhere!
This is actually the first film that I've seen of this two and they can act naman pala. However, just like the KathNiel pair, it's often the girls who are more capable of showing emotion, while the guys do what they do best - magpacute - which I think is all their fans want them to do.
Just like the other love teams I've seen in local movies before - Guy and Pip, Sharon and Gabby - they eventually outgrow the relatively shallow expectations of that genre - and move on to make more compelling movies.
Only time will tell if any member of today's love teams du jour will eventually become thespians as they mature.
But for now, this is their bread and butter - so kelangan alagaan.

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