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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The New Meaning of 6'2"

This post has an adult slant so if you're a minor or do not like these types of stories, please move on.
I was so excited today because the guy I met in a play last Friday agreed to go out with me!
Dakilang extra lang sya sa play, but his blocking was in my line of sight so, ayun, sa kanya nakatingin lola mo while the play was happening.
He's tall, moreno, kinda looks like the actor Jason Abalos but much taller, not lanky, tama langa ang muscle build. After the play, I told my friend, "You have to introduce me to him! ¡Vamonos!"
He was a bit shy, only 18 pala but stands at 6'2", and has an incredible smile.
So ayun, chika chika, viber viber over the weekend and yun na nga, nakaset ng date today.
Date went smooth and relaxed. He has a great disposition in life, even though ayun, medyo MMK ang buhay niya.
Yun lang, di talaga binibigay ni Lord lahat, kainis!
6'2" nga sya, 6 ang height, 2 Medyo sad.
I won't be surprised though if he comes out in those noontime TV show contests in the future.
It's only a matter of time before a real talent manager spots him.

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