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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Just Say No to Molly or E or MDMA

I was watching the late news tonight and I was shocked to learn that MDMA or molly, as they call it abroad, has reached Manila na! I am so naive talaga to think that these drugs will never reach the rave parties here. How sad!

Madonna, being the 'bad' girl herself, actually named her former dance album MDNA to sound like that molly party drug, MDMA.

Yun lang, acquaintances have said to me that it's really harmless, it just makes you really happy and you should be fine - kaya it came as a shock na it can be quite a killer din pala!

I guess the hot humid weather plus the heat pa in the venue fried the internal organs of those poor ravers.

Buti na lang I grew up in a generation where the "Just say no!" slogan for drug use was repeated and was really drilled in our young heads.

So even when nice and well-meaning friends offer us molly or whatever, to give you that extra kick, I just say no, and say ok lang ako!

I guess those who couldn't say no end up paying the ultimate price.

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