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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

All Set and Excited for This Year's Virgin Labfest

I made the mistake of not buying the tickets early for last year's Virgin Labfest so I was greeted with many SOLD OUT signs in my Ticketworld when I did decide to clear up my schedule.  Since the event opens when Wimbledon is in full swing, I've had to choose the dates more carefully so I won't miss any of the major matches.  

Ayun, since ang tagal ko nagdecide, naubusan tuloy ng tickets.

Not gonna happen this year.

This year, I decided to buy tickets after Wimbledon, so everything after July 3 na.  And I decided to buy early so I can see all the sets!  I did not even bother to read who's in or who's out.  I just know they are all going to be good and that some of them will be very interesting to me!

Looking forward to two weekends and some weekdays of great local theater from our new and veteran playwrights!

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