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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Jaclyn Jose: From Humble Bold Starlet to Cannes Best Actress Awardee

Ma. Isabel Lopez might have upstaged her in the Cannes red carpet, but Jaclyn Jose ends up getting the bigger honor - the Cannes Best Actress award!

She won over two of my favorite actresses, Sonia Braga and Isabelle Huppert, among others, including Kristen Stewart.

At least now, a Filipino actress has something in common with Meryl Streep, who is the usual barometer for acting prowess. Meryl won hers in 1989 in that disturbing Australian movie, A Cry in the Dark.

Jaclyn's journey from that bold starlet in Private Show way back in 1986, to her present achievement is just amazing.

She bared everything in Private Show which was not unusual in the 80s when bomba films were de rigueur. Funny thing is, what I find more memorable in that movie was Gino Antonio. Any gay man who was a teenager in the 80s would know Gino Antonio, charot!

Interesting addition, last year's winner, Rooney Mara, went on to snag an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for the movie Carol. Oscar voters have nominated foreign actresses several times before, so with the right PR push in Hollywood, who knows?

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