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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Great Finds at Book Sale North EDSA!

I rarely buy nonfiction books but once in a while, I get some gems from Book Sale!
This is the second Gloria Steinem book I've bought and alongside Nora Ephron, Shirley McLaine, Ellen Degeneres and Joan Rivers becomes the latest nonfiction female writer in my collection. All the aforementioned writers have written pretty witty essays so I'm expecting no less from the esteemed feminist.
This is also the first Whistler book I've seen anywhere! The painter behind the famous, 'Whistler's Mother' doesn't really have that many books about his life, unlike the more popular European painters.
Finally, it's always a treat to see some work from British playwright and screenwriter Alan Bennett. I was introduced to him because of his play The History Boys which later became a movie, starring Michael Douglas. It's a very thick book about the BTS stuff regarding his work.
All interesting reads for those very rare lazy weekend afternoons!

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