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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Certified Ramster!

Yay! Ram chose me as best dancer of my group in our class last night! Coming from him, it's such a big deal because he's probably the strictest among all the G-Force dancers I've attended. Babaw ng kaligayahan ng lola mo noh!
Arguably, he's the most recognizable among all the G-Force Stallions but I always tell my friends who want to attend his classes not to be pa-cute in class, otherwise, you might get the wrong end of the stick and walk away from the class traumatized.
I've seen him tear students to shreds so everytime I attend his class, I have to be concentrated and relaxed at the same time, to minimize making mistakes.
Yun lang, teachers who set a high standard also lift your performance up and makes you strive to do better. Makes you bring your A-game everytime you're in his class.

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