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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Why Marriages Before Between A Homosexual Man and A Woman Probably Worked (When Being Gay Was Still A Crime)

Guys, there's a great movie showing in Trinoma which you should watch - The Imitation Game. It's one of those movies that has many quotable quotes which are still relevant until now - although the movie is set in World War II Britain -
There's a scene in the movie which probably describes why many marriages before worked (when being gay was still a crime) even though the husband was a homosexual. This is probably Keira Knightley's best scene in the movie (she's so good in many!). In this scene, Benedict Cumberbatch who plays the mathematical genius Alan Turing sends her off to leave him because he finally admits to her that he's a homosexual - and she says this great line with such affection -
"So what? I had my suspicions. I always did. But we're not like other people. We love each other in our own way, and we can have the life together that we want. You won't be the perfect husband? I can promise you I harboured no intention of being the perfect wife. I'll not be fixing your lamb all day, while you come home from the office, will I? I'll work. You'll work. And we'll have each other's company. We'll have each other's minds. Sounds like a better marriage than most. Because I care for you. And you care for me. And we understand one another more than anyone else ever has."

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