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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

J. Lo and Ryan Guzman Sizzle in The Boy Next Door Thriller

There is nothing new in The Boy Next Door that hasn't been done before by any TV movie thriller, or a B-movie thriller, for that matter.  I think the only thing that makes this movie interesting are that the two main leads - Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman - are such eye candies!  Watching the movie is not really a bad idea for a date movie!  You will surely get horny watching these two make-out - and there are several scenes in the movie which actually made the audience shout and shriek!  Even though everything in the movie is formulaic, it does have its own jolt moments!  Or I guess, the audience I watched it with, just really cared for J.Lo's character.  

After all, Ryan Guzman's character here is a meanie stalker!  That would be a very easy mistake for any one to make - be they a boy or a girl!  He's such a looker, that guy!

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