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Friday, February 20, 2015

The Movie Version of the Last Five Years Tells The Story Better Onscreen

The movie The Last Five Years explores what happens when a couple that's so in love have to break up because one half of the couple experiences career success while the other one is stuck in a rut.  It definitely is an issue for any married couple, but I think the successful ones have at least one half eat their pride and not be so insecure about their partner's success.  Instead, they should be happy for their partner's successes.

I had seen the musical The Last Five Years as a musical play and I admit I didn't quite get the story as to why they broke up.  I guess when I watched it, I was not in a good seating place and I didn't get to hear clearly ALL the lyrics.  

However, in this movie version of that musical, I finally understood why they were breaking up and I finally understood what the fuss was all about! It was because the director cleverly placed all the lyrics of the songs on the film!  Like a musical karaoke!!  So there, I finally understood the dynamics of their relationship - and why they had to break up!!

It does help that Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan play (or rather sing) their roles very well!  And they're a pretty couple too! What was funny though that some guys in the theater that I was in, didn't know that the movie was A MUSICAL!  So I guess a few audience members would be stuck watching a musical instead of a usual movie with conversations!

This movie though is an acquired taste so if you're not into musicals, better stay clear.  I though, enjoyed it, because I love the characters (a writer and a struggling actress!) and I love the theme that it explores!

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