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Friday, February 20, 2015

Dragon Blade: Jackie Chan's Treatise on World Peace

Now that Jackie Chan is in his 60s, it's easy to understand why his latest movie, Dragon Blade is his treatise for peace. Ironically, he has to hammer in the message that 36 nations can live together in peace (or share the famed trading route Silk Road) together by showing some brutally choreographed fight scenes.
I guess it's his way of seeing that the alternative to peace is indulging in these excruciating to watch brutal fights - for everything here is mano y mano! You can actually hear the sword blades slicing through men's bodies and all the fight moves happening in a quick blur - vintage Jackie Chan-style.
I didn't know that the Romans actually reached China at the height of its power! But I guess they did because in the beginning of the movie - it said that this movie was based on a true story. There's a beautiful story of unlikely friendships and unexpected alliances here and although Jackie Chan tries his best to be a serious actor, his character always shine through as light of heart and easy to trust. It must be so hard to be him!!
An all out Asian production, it's a lavish movie - with wonderful costumes and make-up and a strong soundtrack with lots of pulsating drums! Apparently, when men engaged in war before, their had to be war music in the background.
Jackie Chan is ageing gracefully and I won't be surprised if his future movies feature him as some sort of peacemaker or statesman. It's hard for his Asian fans to distinguish Jackie Chan the martial arts actor and Jackie Chan, the ever-smiling celebrity. As an unlikely hero in Dragon Blade it's a vehicle tailor made for Asia's biggest showbiz celebrity.

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