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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Delicious Beef Rendang in Banana Leaf!

Mama and I finally visited Century Mall in Makati last Sunday. It's a small compact mall pala with high end stores. Exactly the mall I like because everything is so expensive, I won't have to worry about spending on anything.
Anyway, we decided to have lunch at Banana Leaf because I saw they had beef rendang in their menu.
It was delicious! Not exactly genuine because they had to adapt to the less than spicy demands of the Pinoy taste buds. It was also a bit sweet. Themeat was tender and the coconut and the coconut milk on it definitely gave it its own identity, totally different from the beef rendang of Solaire, which is the more genuine tasting one!
They also had these delicious spring rolls which we surprisingly, quickly consumed, considering I don't really like vegetable rolls! I've been snubbing Banana Leaf for years! They serve pala Malay food and have adapted it to the singular taste buds of the Pinoys.

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