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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Movie Review: Unfinished Business Shows Berlin's Hedonistic Side

I want to go to Berlin!! Those were the thoughts that went to my head as I watched Vince Vaugn and his workmates in the movie, Unfinished Business, weave their way through that city's uber-hedonistic party places!
The city does not photograph well, as maybe, Paris or New York, and since the only known landmark I know is the Brandenburg gate, I couldn't tell if they were in Hamburg, or Stuttgart or Berlin (they had to go to different cities in Germany for business).
The movie itself is a lot of light fun written obviously from a man's point of view. It's rated R16 because there's so much shameless nudity - and these guys are just pushing and pushing the limits of what may be deemed funny!!
I never dreamed of seeing a "glory hole" scene in a typical Hollywood movie! Or a unisex sauna!! Or a hotel room that's in a museum! Ever since a decade ago, the buzz from Berlin's art and party and social scene has been great and this movie just shows the more base and hedonistic side of it. Oh well, it would be great to try a few risque things even when I'm a bit older already.
It's a good thing the writer and director decided to set this in a cool European capital, otherwise, it would be just like the Hangover series.

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