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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Crepe Amelie: Delicious Pasta and Crepes

Our good friend Myriam Wong brought us to her son's quaint crepe place, Crepe Amelie at the A-Venue. It's very easy to spot since it's on the driveway that is across where the tiangge is.
We feasted on different plates of pasta and a BLT egg sandwich, and the Tuna Primavera was the most tasty of all the four different pasta plates we tried. The Pasta Pomodoro with Salmon was a close second.
The piece de resistance of the place though are its crepes - and all the crepes we ate were delicious! Since I want my desserts to be uber-sweet, our choice fit my taste buds perfectly! The S'mores was sweet and chocolatey, while the Dutch Caramel Apple was the best since, you'd have a lasting taste of the sweet apple they place inside.
I paired them with straight black coffee, no sugar, no cream - and the combination was divine! Sweet caramel with apple and chocolate blends well with strong coffee! Super yum yum talaga!

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