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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Kingsman Makes Spy Movies Rollicking Fun

Sometimes you'd think Hollywood has already done its bit in stretching the spy genre yet they still come out and produce stylish, funny and cool spy movies with dashing heroes that will make you forget, at least for 2 hours, the mundane problems of your life.
Of the 20+ or so movies I've already watched this year in theatres, Kingsman is the most insane fun I've seen! It covers all the cliches of spy movies and adds its own sense of humor to it. I'm not exactly a dog lover, but that "Shoot your dog" scene was heartbreaking to watch.
Taron Egerton is another name I have to add to my new hunks list of 2015. Sometimes cocky, sometimes nerdy, he has just the right British sex appeal which should help this franchise. I don't know how the movie has done in the US and the UK, but it's doing healthy business here in Manila. This is a great date movie because you can just lie back and relax and maybe laugh here and there. Sometimes, that's just what good movies have to do - entertain us!

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