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Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Cute Boys of '2 Cool 2 Be Forgotten' - Movie Review

While my straight male millennial friends in FB and Twitter have been raving about how pretty Emma Watson is in the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, I can only react with a raised left eyebrow and say "Di rin kami patatalo mga gurls noh?"
There is a small local indie movie showing right now, which is tailored fit for those who love goodlooking boys and it's entitled 2 Cool2 Be Forgotten.
I don't know these guys much since I don't watch local TV masyado but they're very good actors and for gay men and straight women who love twinkies - hmmmm......don't miss this one, because every boy gets to take his clothes off! And I mean, everything off!
There's a masturbation scene and a shower scene so, stuff that any man - gay or straight goes through in his sexual awakening.
Ano pa ang silbi ng R-18 na rating kung icecensor pa, di ba?
(Spoiler alert, go on at your own risk.)
Anyhow, this is still an indie movie, so meaning - depressing ang story - so be prepared to leave the moviehouse with a - "what happened there?" look. Translation - may mamamatay!
The movie starts off nice and breezy and I kinda liked it until things started getting sinister towards the third act. I wonder why these boys don't have any gigs on local TV since they can act better than some of the main draw actors.
I guess the two Fil-Am guys have to polish their Tagalog. Khalil Ramos is just amazing! It's really his character's journey - his sexual awakening baga.
I do find his character very lucky since he found his sexual awakening in high school. I was a nun in high school! I thought people f****d wearing bathing suits! This was during the Medieval Ages when there was no porn in our phones.
His journey ends with tragedy though - and with the lahar-stricken Pampanga landscape as a backdrop - it's hard not to leave the moviehouse with a heavy heart.

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