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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A True Ghost Story About a Baby that was Aborted

My student in Spanish tutorials recounted to me tonight a spine-chilling tale about a baby who was aborted and was flushed down a toilet by his/her young mother. It happened in a house just across us and since then, the elemental, the ghost of the baby, has been restlessly haunting the basement of the house of our neighbor.

I always thought it was automatic for the souls of a baby, whether aborted or not, to become an angel, a cherubim.
Hindi pala.

Apparently, the people living in the house, decided to get a spiritualist since the elemental was getting to be more powerful and more mean-spirited towards them. They were only able to identify the elemental through a white lady. 

Apparently, white ladies are good beings and the white lady that appeared to them wanted the identity of the woman who had the baby aborted known to the family - and that the elemental had to be prayed for - since the soul of the baby could not find its physical body - that piece of bloody sludge (which is apparently, already a human being) - that got stuck in the pipes of the toilet. He said the white lady made everyone in the house hear how the baby was flushed and you could hear how it slid slowly through the pipes - and you could really hear daw the strong thuds here and there - which made the experience so eerie.

And so the girl's identity was revealed to the family living there now - and they know her. However, she lives in the States already.

So, they had to call her, and with the different time zones, it was not easy. And to make matters worse, the whole ritual, had to be done, between the witching hours of 12 midnight and 3AM, because that's when the spirits can be contained. 

The girl has to be told to pray for her baby's soul - so that it remains a good baby - and not turn out to be a sad, very angry and restless soul (which it already had).

In the end, the ritual was a success, but only temporarily, because since there is some negativity in the relationships of the people in the house (apparently, spirit beings can feed on this negativity and transform them from an innocent baby soul, to someone very malevolent!) - that "nice" baby now, may soon go back to its old angry self.

They also don't know how to "free" the soul of the aborted baby, so that it goes to a more peaceful place somehow. But for now, they are counting on everyone's prayers to help this poor baby's soul.

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