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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Movie Review: 'Bakit Lahat ng Guwapo May Boyfriend'

'Bakit Lahat ng Guwapo May Boyfriend' is a pretty witty title for a movie but don't be fooled by the gayness of the title - this is a heterosexual romcom and the gay storyline is just the frills that decorate the bow.
The movie starts with a bang but slowly drifts into hetero territory somewhere in the middle - and I realized, this is an Anne Curtis vehicle after all - so the story is going to be about her - and not about Paolo Ballesteros.
Anyhow, having Dennis Trillo as the eye candy is well worth the ticket price. There aren't that many laugh-out-loud scenes though and I find some of the lingo and the jokes about gay men, cliched already.
I'm sure today's younger gay men have a fresher take on love and finding out if a guy is beki.
Acting-wise though, Anne Curtis pouts and smiles her way throughout the movie, looking as pretty as ever, while the stylist allows Dennis Trillo to wear so many polo shirts that resemble my wardrobe. Paolo Ballesteros plays the wacky gay best friend but his role slowly fades into the background as the movie reaches its denouement.
I now understand why the director of The Third Party told me they wanted to veer away from cliches and stereotypes. It kinda drags the movie down and the jokes are repeated to gay people in the audience who have known those jokes for years.
Anyway, having another gay-themed movie from a big local studio coming at the heels of another one with A list actors is not bad at all. It looks like the Pinoy masa is already comfortable with local gay-themed movies.
Gawa pa more! Sana something witty and with bite!

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