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Monday, February 22, 2016

Excited to Read Anderson Cooper's New Book with His Mom!

When Typhoon Yolanda happened a few years ago, I was amused that Korina Sanchez picked a fight against CNN's Anderson Cooper.
Sa isip ko lang, "Gaga, wag mong awayin si Anderson! You will never get invited to a New York high society event, EVER! Nag-aambisyon ka pa namang maging First Lady."
Oh well, based on surveys, I don't think Korina will get to Malacanang but I am very excited to announce to all gay men out there who's had a crush on Anderson (I did, around 10 years ago, only to learn he had a hot Latino bf pala, b****!), and to all the social climbers in the Philippines, that he is releasing this book which he and his Mom co-wrote!

I'm sure all of you who are in the know, know of Anderson's tragic private family life - and I am sometimes confounded why such rich people feel so lonely and sad.
Anyway, I hope this book gets released here in Manila. I'm sure ubos agad eto ng Manila's 400 natin plus all of Manila's social climbers who can read good English! Mga feelingera tulad ko!

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