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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Channing Tatum and Foxcatcher

Last year, when the Oscars gave the movie Foxcatcher five nominations, I had no idea what the movie was about and why a comedian like Steve Carrel, was able to snag a Best Actor nomination in a very crowded category.
Anyway, this movie's DVD has been on my desk for months now, so I finally popped it in last night to see what the fuss was all about.
OMG! This is probably one of the best psychological true crime dramas that I've seen in a long while and my psychologist friends like Eden Tamayo should have a field day analyzing the different relationships between the characters and power structures they find themselves in.
Well, one good reason to watch this movie is just to see how f******ly sexy and hot Channing Tatum is! He plays a wrestler in this movie and just watching him almost with no clothes, wrestling with another guy, with almost clothes, is definitely worth the movie ticket price LOL I should've watched this on a theater big screen!
Seriously though, the movie is a very sad story and I was moved because I am always moved when the nicest character in a movie or a TV show is the one that gets the short shrift.
This is not a gay movie and there isn't much published research that says that the main antagonist in this movie was homosexual, but any practicing homosexual can see easily what the character of Steve Carrell wants to achieve. It is the same thing that many gay men do when they see delicious, poor, and out-of-luck men with a body like Channing Tatum.
They take advantage of the situation and do a power trip. Some scenes in the movie show how this happens but they don't explicitly show any gay activity but for gay men who may see it, "alam na" would be the appropriate phrase that they would certainly use.
The director of the movie, Bennett Miller, has been very cautious and very subtle about this treatment and just lets the audience draw their own private conclusions.
Mark Ruffalo, who is nominated this year for a Best Supporting Actor nod for Spotlight, was also nominated for the same category in this movie. This guy SHOULD win an Oscar soon. He's just so effective in delivering the right dose of emotion to the character he's playing, I admit I was in tears at the end of the movie! Mark draws you in to love his character and then bang - the shit hits the fan.
While Jim Carrey a decade ago failed to win Oscar's vote when he turned to dramatic roles, Steve Carrell has been more successful. He's almost unrecognizable - and unlike his many successful comedies - you'd revile his character in this movie.
Like many ordinary people, I have always been fascinated by the frivolities and eccentricities of the obscenely wealthy.
This movie will show you what an emotionally and sexually stunted and physically unappealing human being, with so much wealth at his disposal, can do to hapless mortals like us.

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