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Friday, August 14, 2015

7-Year Old Dylan Deals With A Grandpa Bully!

While we were already in the car headed home tonight, Dylan told me the most incredible story that happened to him in the Internet cafe in Trinoma.
Apparently, an old man saw me with Dylan in the computer shop before I proceeded to the gym upstairs. He then said to Dylan "Your Papa is bakla", referring to me.
Dylan and Laura calls me Papa C, a term of endearment they created by themselves, although I'm technically their uncle.
Dylan snapped back at him and said "How rude are you! Apologize!" (I think Dylan meant How rude OF you, but still, to come up with that reply in a split second is AMAZING!
Then the old man says to him, "I'm sorry, I apologize."
To which Dylan said "Apology accepted."
Dylan is only seven years old and for him to teach an old man manners, is amazing! I asked him to describe the man and he said he was a lolo!
Tingnan mo, ang matanda pa ang tinuruan ng good manners ng bata! In English pa! Di siguro akalain ng matanda na sasagutin sya ng bata ng ganyan!
I've always taught Laura and Dylan not to take s**t from anyone! "No one should ever walk all over you and make you feel like you're lesser than anyone", I remind them from time to time.
I was actually worried about the bullies they might meet in school. Turned out, the first person to bully him was a lolo!
And Dylan showed him the error of his ways!

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