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Saturday, January 28, 2017

International School Students on Miss Universe 2017 Show

If you'd think international school students would be oblivious to something as trivial as a Miss Universe contest, you'd be so wrong!
Conversation in my class yesterday.
As a backgrounder - my students can use their laptops, Ipads and phones in my classroom for research work -
Me: "(Put name of student here), what are you doing?"
Boy1: "Sir, I'm checking the tickets for the Miss Universe show on Monday."
Me: "Oh, are you watching?"
Boy1: "Yes, I want to watch it live."
Me: "But the tickets are so expensive!!"
Boy2 walks nonchalantly towards us and asks...."How much are the tickets ba?"
Boy1: "Fifty thousand for VIP"
Boy 2: "Ok, you want me to call my Mom now to buy the tickets?"
Me: (in my mind lang) - "Yes please, three tickets, one for Boy1 ,you and me - and one for her na rin!" (Charot!)
Boy1: "They all say unavailable na e"
Hu hu hu
Later in the Faculty Room, I asked a colleague, "Why is Boy2 rich nga?"
Faculty: "Their family owns (put name of a popular appliance chain here).
Me: "Ohhhhhh" (sayang, I should've made hints last Christmas, LOL, JOkE!)

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