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Monday, May 11, 2015

My Mother's Day Anecdotes

Since it's Mother's Day, I would like to recount some funny moments I've had with Mama.
#1 Like any mother, it took Mama some time to wrap around her head that her favorite son is gay. I remember when she saw a picture of me and my then bf, Mr. A, on my desk, the blood just drained off her face, as if she saw something that was so embarrassing, and she left my room in a hurry.
Of course now, things have gone to the other extreme! She would say to me, "Oh, I went to this party and I met this doctor, very handsome and smart. I got his number baka you'd want to know him!" Me - "Ma, I can take care of my own lovelife! You don't have to bugaw me to every single guy you meet!"
#2 Me - "Ma, meet my friend Rodney. He works in the embassy."
Mama - "Hello! How old are you na?"
Rodney - "33 po."
Mama - "May asawa ka na?"
Rodney - "Wala pa po."
Mama - "May girlfriend ka na ba?"
Rodney - "Ah, wala po."
Mama - "Boyfriend?"
Me - "Ma!! (looking at her reproachfully)
Mama - "Sabi nya kasi wala syang girlfriend, e baka boy gusto niya! Wala namang masama dun."
Nakakaloka si mother!

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