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Saturday, May 30, 2015

It's So Hard to be a Gay Dad!

I admit I was also disgusted with what the hosts advised to the gay dad but on hindsight, now that I'm raising two kids, I realized I have suppressed almost all of my outward gayness precisely to avoid any of that teasing, especially when I'm in their school premises.  

I remember a funny incident while I was watching Laura's play in Miriam and this devastatingly hunky macho daddy of one of the kids was making small talk with me and we were together during the whole show!  Di ko alam kung bakit sa dinami-dami ng tatay duon, ako pa nilapitan niya!! Inside, I was really swooning and dizzy because you can smell his manly scent and he was so handsome and hunky and all I wanted to do was rip off all his clothes and......... you know the rest.  

Pero ayun, I acted like a dude and I had to do my Meryl Streep moment!  Ayusin ang acting!  Wag magsashay and dapat MABABA ang boses!  Pero what can I do?  Andaming cute daddies noh, and the best way you can get close to them, is to act like them, which I can do naman!  

Wish ko lang eto dialogue namin!  "Pare, kumusta anak mo? Ano role niya?  Ang gwapo mo today pare ah, pakiss and hug naman dyan!"  Charot!!  

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