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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

RIP Carrie Fisher: The Writer

Carrie Fisher died today and she plays an interesting part in my life because when I was in college, she released this novel, Postcards from the Edge, and although it was fiction, the lead character, mirrored Carrie's own personal struggles.
I told myself then, that if I do write my memoir in the far future (I think I was only 19 then), I wanted it to be as brutally frank as this one - thus the need for it to be fictionalized.
Maybe her death is a sign that I should start writing the first forty years of my crazy life.
Anyhow, the movie version was released in 1990 and I'm sure Carrie was so over the moon because the greatest actress of this generation, Meryl Streep, played the lead role. That was Meryl's 9th Oscar nomination. It was like Meryl Streep playing her!!

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