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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Albert Nobbs: Happiness and Sexual Politics

How much happiness can you possibly achieve in your life when you cannot even live it they way you were supposed to live it?
Albert Nobbs was actually a woman who decided to cross-dress as a man after she was gang-raped at 14 by five men in 19th century Dublin. After that harrowing experience, the poor orphan decided to present herself as a man so as not to experience unwanted sexual advances and to be able to work to support herself.
The movie Albert Nobbs was a passion project by six-time Oscar nominee Glenn Close, and when it was released in 2011, it snagged three Oscar nominations.
The title character was not really based on just one person but was a composite of different ordinary people trying to survive during that time.
Although the premise of the movie is a bit tragic - and the movie ends tragically as well for Albert, there are several glimpses of hope and happiness - seen from the lives of the other characters - who chose to assert themselves and not fear what other people would say about them.
Janet McTeer's character was also a cross-dresser, choosing to live as a man, after years of abuse from her husband, whom she eventually left. She was able to build a life for herself as a house painter and she gets married - to a real woman - and her life is the complete opposite to Albert.
The two will eventually meet.
Well, there are many things I liked in this movie. Seeing Aaron Taylor Johnson and Jonathan Rhys Meyers undress is one of them! God, these guys are so lean and hot - and they can act! Mia Wasikowska is also radiant and beautiful and their young characters have an important part in Albert Nobbs story.
An interesting thing I learned about the movie is how to save, funny, because Albert's character was such a penny-pincher. There are several scenes in the movie that show how meticulous Albert was with money. And she had big dreams, that's why she saved a lot!
I thought the movie would have a happy ending but even up to the end, Albert Nobb's life is filled with tragedy although in a strange twist of fate, the lives of Albert, Mr. Page (Janet McTeer) and Mia's character will be intertwined.

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