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Monday, November 9, 2015

The Paperboy Shows Zac Efron at His Sexiest....and was that Matthew McConnaughey's B*m? (Post Big Smile)

I usually read movie reviews after I watch the movie and not before because I want to form my own opinion first and see if it matches with any of the general public.  

I don't even watch trailers because I want as little information about a movie as possible and just watch it because of star power.

Yeah, just like any movie fan, I want my favorite actor in that movie and I want him or her to surprise me!

So when I saw the DVD of The Paperboy lying on my desk - and saw Zac Efron on the cover picture, I said to myself, ok great, a light relaxing movie for this afternoon.

Was I very wrong!!  

A movie with such Oscar wattage - Nicole Kidman, Matthew Connaughey, and Lee Daniels - will most likely not be a light, fluffy movie.  

The Paperboy is not a light, fluffy movie.  It's like a lighter version of a movie that Quentin Tarantino would have directed. It's violent, it has plenty of white trash characters and it has plenty of characters that you would not normally care about.

But, it has enough scenes where Zac Efron is just frolicking in his skivvies.  The truth is, Zac Efron is many times more naked here than in any of the romantic movies he was in.  

And that his character is in love with Nicole Kidman's character, makes it even more sleazy since age-wise, he could be Nicole's son.

My favorite character in the movie is singer Macy Gray.  She's so adorable here because aside from Zac, nobody is.  I just wish she'd do more movies or TV work.

I read later that this movie was trashed by critics everywhere including a long booing session at the Cannes Film Festival.  

What did you expect?  That was the year Amour won and this movie and Amour are just poles apart!

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie because of its camp moments, especially two hilarious scenes which could've played out really well in American Pie 7. 

The scenes are supposed to be sexually charged but just like what David Oleyowolo's character did after one of the scenes, I was just laughing after seeing them.

By the way, Nicole Kidman is superb here, playing a serial flirty white trash peroxide blonde to the hilt.  She even did a 'Sharon Stone' - only with panties on!

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