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Monday, November 9, 2015

Amour: Not Very Easy to Watch a Movie About Dying

It was but fitting that the DVD I slipped into my player during Hallow's Eve was a movie about death.
And although Amour is already 3 years old, I don't recall a movie in recent memory that was as brutal, as savage and as unyielding of its portrayals about old people and of dying that watching this movie was not an easy experience for me. I admit it made me feel uncomfortable, queasy, uneasy.
I even wanted to fast forward many of the scenes because I was uncomfortable watching them because in the back of my mind, I know I will be old one of these days, helpless, unable to communicate, unable to walk or stand up, and to be dying of dementia to boot. Definitely not a walk in the park for the person left caring for me.
I guess no movie about death or dying should make one feel relaxed. Also, since I've never been in a relationship that lasted for decades, like this couple did, it would be very difficult for me to judge the actions of the lead actor.
It must be very hard for him to see his wife wasting away very slowly, even taking her to the point where she had already lost all her human dignity. It's never easy to admit that death would be the easier thing to deal with and a much better option for the suffering patient.
After that controversial death scene, my brother said, matter of fact-ly, they should've hired a Filipina caregiver. It would've made their lives more bearable.
Ang Pinoy talaga, kahit super serious na ng topic, andun pa rin ang sense of humor!

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