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Monday, June 19, 2017

Artworks Done By Adult Autistic Children at St. Benilde School of Art and Design

Autism was part of my lesson last term on Education for All, and I told my students that my first encounter with autism did not come from real life but from the Tom Cruise movie, Rain Man!
So early on, I learned that people with autism can function in the real world environment as long as the people around them are sensitive and tolerant to their needs.
The character of Dustin Hoffman in the movie showed immense numerical intellect and a vast memory so I was not surprised to see very well drawn artworks in tonight's art show which featured the works of some really talented youth with autism along with the interpretations done by the art and design students of Benilde.

It was a surprising and eclectic mix as the design students took inspiration from the works of these talented artists.
Based on the audience reaction, it was a productive partnership!

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