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Friday, September 2, 2016

My Student's Reflection Make Me Feel Like I've Done My Job Well

I just want to share an excerpt of an essay that one of my students submitted. Multiply these sentiments 34 more times and words like these make me feel like I have done my job.

Our subject matter now is Poverty and Inequality and I have asked my students to interview minimum wage employees and reflect on their findings.

"After interviewing a minimum daily wage worker, I noticed how hard it was to have a family when you earn P481.00 a day. From analysing it further, it became evident on how everything was costly and having P481.00 a day was not enough to survive. The minimum wage was too low for any worker to survive at least one day in the Philippines, unless you were lucky enough to have extra savings for daily needs.

It was only after writing this paper that I realized how fortunate I was. It also taught me to be grateful of what I have today, that I shouldn’t complain about what I have because I am lucky enough to have these things in the first place. It makes me feel bad because I would sometimes criticize the way a janitor cleans or a waiter’s slow service. Because of interviewing him I wanted to be more considerate of the people who work hard under a minimum wage salary."

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