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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Team-Building and Boys!

I came home sore and bugbog from our team-building because of all these crazy things they asked us to do in the name of teamwork and team spirit!
Gosh! Kelangan pa bang buhatin yan? Pwede bang i-Powerpoint presentation na lang? Joke! Peace to my bosses!
Anyhow, the good thing was I got to know some of my male teaching colleagues up close (boys lang talaga noh, ang girls, hi hello lang) and there are three interesting guys in the faculty, all single and sadly for me, all straight, huhuhu, I am in hell! Joke!
I could ferret out two other guys who are like me, but one is good for friendship lang, the other one is cute sana and young, but I learned later that he is married, so ayun, bye, kasi I don't want to wear The Scarlet Letter, 'A' for adulterer. Just enjoy your wife. Pinili mo yun e.
Anyway, relationships between employees are not allowed so ayun, hanggang friendship lang talaga, although it couldn't be helped that there were 'loveteams' being teased because around 70% of the staff are under 30.
Ang cute nila tingnan, to be young and to be so kilig about love! Char!
Well, the first guy is very smart in Math and he practically won for us one of the games because his spatial skills were amazing! He can also play Bamboo and Parokya ni Edgar songs really well in his guitar.
Ang comedy pa, after he showered, since tabi beds namin, ayun I saw his body, ok naman, natural, not a gym body and the funny part was when he changed his undies, sa tapat pa ng ulohan ng bed ko, and I was lying down and he apologized pa!
No apologies dear, I love the view! What did you expect, sa ceiling ako titingin, andyan na ang grasya! Joke!
I haven't asked about his dating life but I can refer him to my single lady friends if ok sa kanila to date guys in their early 20s. He's really nice, a bit quiet, most likely the torpe type kasi he's not very talkative.
The second one has the nicest body of us all! We had a swimming game kasi e and we were teammates so I had first dibs on seeing his nicely toned body, charot!
He's a member of the football coaching staff of the school and he specializes in goalkeeping. Runner si kuya and Bisaya as well so ambilis ng bonding namin.
Since he has this brusko look (parang Gardo Verzosa ang peg), ayun, may love team agad sya with one of the Primary teachers who happened to be my seatmate in the van.
Pwede rin irefer sa mga single lady friends ko here if they like the brusko macho types and willing to date guys in their early 20s. He wore a La Salle jacket but I forgot to ask if Taft talaga sya or one of the satellite La Salle schools.
I saved the best for last kasi he's the one I really like. Chinito, moreno, medyo chubby chubby, kasi gym bodies are nice to look at but wala kang mapipisil - matigas lahat, para kang dumidila ng semento - kaya kung minsan di na masaya!
Luckily, we were van mates, so going to back to Manila, I made sure that katabi kami, kasi papunta, girl ang katabi ko, ewwww!
Turns out, he is part of the IT team of the school and he heads the photography and video team. Nice background, LSGH all the way tapos San Beda sa college.
AND, we were neighbors before because their family owned this whole apartment block in front of a commercial property in Roces.
Translation - mayaman si Papa mo kaya di na kelangan maghanap ng high-paying job. Kaya pala he drives an SUV! Malalaman mo rin sa shirts na sinusuot nya sa school, hindi sila Uniqlo!
But he's not flashy or mayabang, low-key lang sya and very mild-mannered (as some La Sallistas are) - the boy you can bring home to Mommy talaga na type.
Alam mo yung you like the face na, you like the body pa, tapos to top it all, you are intellectually stimulated pa! Hayyyyyyyy!
We had a great conversation all the way from San Pablo,Laguna to Roxas Blvd. Yun lang, when he showed me the picture of his girlfriend, gusto kong ihagis ang phone nya sa labas ng van!
Don't show me that! Never, show me that! Where is my machete? I will chop her to pieces! Charot! Violent bigla lola mo!
Pano naman, she's so pretty! Bagay sila! Syempre cute sya, tanga na ang babaeng magnono sa kanya!
Hayyyyyy! Anyway, ok na yung namemeet ko sila everyday. Pangontra sa mga bad vibes that come during bad teaching days!
Sabi nga ni Mother, "Kelangan may inspiration ka always para pangontra sa malungkot na days."
O di ba, Mother knows best talaga!

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