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Monday, May 8, 2017

Abstract Art: Profound Beauty in Emptiness and Reflection

I don't know why I am drawn more to abstract work rather than true renditions of objects and humans. For me, they are more exciting to watch.
And I thought I've seen all types of abstract work.
However, these paintings done by some of our best local painters are amazing! They are almost devoid of color, and even if they do, the colouring is so minute that when you step away from the painting, the colors subsume themselves to the general hue that the painter decides.
My favorite among this set is this almost plain white rendition of empty white space with only a big circle as the shape. Talk about having to reflect on a blank white circular space.

"Abstract art is not meant to reveal perfect renditions of objects and people. Instead, much abstract art is meant to set the scene for reflection."
There is an ongoing exhibition of 70s and 80s abstract art at the CCP entitled "You Are Here" featuring some of the top Filipino abstract art painters during that time including Arturo Luz.
These works though are antitheses of the abstract work that I love - the chaotic work of Pollock, the misshapen figures of Miro, Dali and Picasso - and the deliberate boldness of colour in Rothko's works.
However, these paintings are almost antiseptic and as the exhibit says, it borders on emptiness.
"Emptiness in art does not stop at how the work looks, but continues by helping you think about what kind of feeling it invokes in you".

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