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Friday, June 17, 2016

Gay Homophobes Are the Worst Kind

I've always felt that the worst homophobes are the gay homophobes, the ones who are usually in the closet or the ones who get married to hide their true sexuality, since they cannot fully accept na bakla sila.
By not being able to fully accept their sexuality, I've always thought that these people are capable of doing something very despicable against their own kabaro.
And nangyari na nga. The Orlando shooting proves what I thought all along. The more this guy suppressed his true nature, the more tragic the consequences became - it could either lead to his own suicide or in this case, venting his anger at his own 'sisters' callously shooting them one by one.
I think it was worsened by the fact that a gay nightclub is a veritable meat market and people are rejected there cruelly especially if they do not fit a certain perfect gay aesthetic (i.e. you have abs, you look like James Reid, you have a handsome face, etc.).
And believe me, the worst 'rejectors' are the gay people, mas malupit pa sila mag-reject sa kapwa nila bakla kesa sa heterosexual world. Why do you think there are soooo many gay men in the gym?
I have a feeling that this guy was rejected so many times that he finally got fed up and said "die bitches die" to 'everyone' he felt did not make him feel that he belonged.

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